Lauded for his vibrant, artisanal knitwear, Antwerp designer Christian Wijnants creates contemporary, feminine silhouettes with a strong focus on fluid prints. The designer started his endeavors in fashion in 1996 as a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Art. There he developed a fascination for innovative knitted fabrics and elegant, easy to wear designs. After a successful stint at Dries Van Noten, he launched his own eponymous label in 2003. From then on, his collections were picked up by department stores and boutiques throughout the world. Christian Wijnants won the International Woolmark Prize in 2013, opened a flagship store in Antwerp in 2015 and added a successful mens collection to his label in 2019.


The Christian Wijnants Spring/Summer 2022 collection connects the power of mother nature with the desire for purity

Inspired by the healing powers of nature, the collection conveys a time for breathing new life into adaptation and connection. The sound of the sea where the waves crash against the rocks, up and down, strong and weak. The sound of birdsongs signaling that spring has sprung. The whispering sound of wind in trees and rustling leaves.

Creating Spring/Summer 2022 brought Wijnants on a spiritual quest for a deeper sense of humanity and inner beauty, forming an emotional collection that is both sensual and contented with simplicity. A vibrant assortment of free-flowing silhouettes and volume, drapey pieces to wear as you wish, fluid dresses, bold linen suiting, crochet handmade pieces inspired by spiderwebs. The idea of tying a silk scarf as a halter-neck dress or top.

The color palette is strong and bold, colorful yet neutral. Dynamic hues of tangerine, white, purple, bronze, gray, blue, lilac, beige, and forest green mixed in together. Floral prints painted on silk reflect a blurry impression of an undefined flower. Light and transparent fabrics are used throughout for ease and comfort.

Spring/Summer 2022 is a dialogue with mother nature that brings that same ease and energetic sensuality that is both powerful and subtle. It is charged with intimacy and purity, combined with strength, respect and love. This feeling of freedom suggests individuality to live through one’s instinct and personal will — a homage to effortless sophistication and an experimental mutiny against excess.

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