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The Christian Wijnants Resort 2024 collection offers an exploration of an imaginary world. Covered by vast stretches of windswept sand dunes.

Christian was inspired by dystopian films such as Mad Max and Dune. Set in a distant future with a new form of imaginary language, a mix of symbolic calligraphy and expressive typography.

Presenting a first look at our Resort collection – a range of timely, sleek reinterpretations of beloved knots and draped pieces, versatile scarf dresses with expressive calligraphic prints, abstract motives inspired by scarab beetles. Silhouettes in crisp denim with frayed raw edge patches. Notable silver sequin separates with shimmery reflections and an introduction to our unique pleats collection referencing sandy dunes lines.

Muted colors of ivory, off white, tobacco with uplifting hints of mint, lime, azure and turquoise in soft linen, cotton, textured wool, twill silk.

This collection creates an intertwined dialogue between present and future.

Photographer: Barrie Hullegie
Model: Cora Martens