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The Fall Winter collection 2024 takes place against the backdrop of Brussels, a city that inspires Christian, also his hometown. Brussels' architectural diversity of brutalism, modernism and art nouveau reflect different layers of the city. Rejecting the confines of conceptual design, Christian focuses on crafting garments that encapsulates a sense of escapism, inviting wearers to dream and embrace. The collection is an intuitive expression, devoid of rational constraints, allowing emotions to dictate the design process.

Notable prints from this season are a result of a seamless collaboration with Magali Cazo, a French artist living in Paris. Attracted to her abstract narrative and intangible illustrations, these prints are an invitation to meditate and to rediscover other imaginary worlds. The prints were transformed into organza dresses. The lightness and colours of the garment upon movement, creates a whirlpool of motion in emotions.

Favourite and standout pieces are the chocolate Alpaca coat (Suri Alpaca/natural faux fur) and Pistachio coat (faux fur), both a contrasting mix of references to the past and the future. Sequin separates, hand cut silk tops, ruffled bomber. This season's knitwear collection places a strong emphasis on draping and layering. Materials with references to nature: natural fabrics and yarns of silk charmeuse, linen, suri alpaca, wool with coating, yak blend, cashmere blend and pieces crafted from fabrics with depth and comfort.

This collection sums up the allure of dressing up with an effortless appeal. The emphasis on versatility is a key highlight. Offering a versatile range that effortlessly transitions from casual daywear to sophisticated evening ensembles.

Photographer: Ina Levy
Models: Maria Zakrzewska , Driver